Two Minutes Wiser – Take This Lollipop

“This site was brought to me by a 12 year old boy who is a friend of the family. He and his family know about my work and they help out when they see something I could use for educating parents, professionals and youth. I have used this site for several years working with parents and students. Basically it is a two minute video that pulls you in as an interactive participant using your Facebook data. It will ask you to log in using your Facebook username and password so the application can access your Facebook content. It will then show you a video of someone creeping on your Facebook page. I have had students tell me that they have tightened up their Facebook privacy settings just because they saw this video. I tell parents all the time that it’s a simple and youth appealing way to teach them about privacy on Facebook. ~ Ryan”

Anonymous Isn’t Synonymous With Ominous

“This is one of my favorite titles from an excellent technology journalist Larry Magid. When I present, I discuss apps that allow the user to post anonymously. While there is obvious concern for bullying and other inappropriate use, there are other concepts to consider. Larry does a wonderful job of discussing these points in this article and also brings in the experts from the Cyberbulllying Research Center in for comment. ~ Ryan”

Chances Are, Your Teen Has Not Sexted

“I want to point you to a calming blog post by one of the founders of the Cyberbulling Research Center Dr. Justin Patchin. I truly admire their work and often use them as a grounding point when frightening stories are reported in the media sending parents into panic mode. Check out this post to help relieve your fear that all teenagers sext. After you read this, I hope you will have a restored faith about most teens using technology responsibly. -Ryan”

+ Chances Are, Your Teen Has Not Sexted