“Ryan Klingensmith does an outstanding job of connecting very difficult, sensitive material to multiple audiences.  Both the parents and teachers of the Burrell School District are continually gaining knowledge to protect are most valuable people – our children.  Thanks Ryan!”

Dr. John Boylan, Principal of Burrell High School8/22/16

“Shape the Sky provided our behavioral health care providers with a fantastic training. Staff members were astounded by what they discovered regarding the online world of today’s youth.  Ryan’s training style is energetic and he uses real world examples to illustrate the key points of the presentation. Every parent, educator, mental health worker, CYS and Probation staff member and drug and alcohol treatment provider should take this course.”

Tracy Schultz, MS - Project Manager, Behavioral Health Services of Somerset and Bedford Counties, Inc. (BHSSBC)8/22/16

“Mr. Klingensmith’s engaging presentation to Montour faculty and staff on social media safety was so impressive; school counselors went to see it again at a recent PASAP workshop and are working to bring him back to present this important information to our community. Not only does Mr. Klingensmith present the most current concerning information regarding social media, but he also offers suggestions to help keep students safe.”

Cindy Caliguire, Montour School District2/18/15

“After 23 years of being in education, I have finally found a presenter that can present sensitive topics on social media safeguards in an engaging and informative way that is accepted by teachers, students and parents without hesitation or complaints.”

Barry J. Balaski, Principal Moon Area High School Moon Township, PA9/18/14

“I would like to thank Mr. Klingensmith for putting together an informative social media seminar for the parents and concerned community members here at Apollo-Ridge. I wanted to let you know that the program was very well received and I have heard many positive comments. The information that you shared concerning social media helped adults become more aware of what our students are possibly doing with both technology and social media. I would high recommend attending one of his seminars.”

Travis Barta, Principal, Apollo-Ridge Middle School K-12 Curriculum Coordinator, Spring Church, PA9/12/14

Feedback Provided by Anonymous Presentation Surveys

“The best and most informative workshop I attended this year.”

“Should be a required workshop for any parent and any professional who works with kids/teens. Extremely relevant. I think he could/should come every year as social media is constantly changing as are the trends of use with our kids/teens.”

“Ryan had you listening from the beginning of the presentation through the end without thinking about anything else. His knowledge is shown within his presentation.”

“Fantastic session: well-educated and well-prepared speaker presented relevant information in a well-organized style.”

“This was the best speaker/workshop I’ve ever been to. Very honest and had no problem bringing up the true issues that people tend to ignore.”

“Of greatest value to me was specific advice about the right questions to ask and ways to approach things so that your child and/or student will actually come to you when they need help.”

“Ryan Klingensmith did a fabulous job of bringing us all up to speed on the latest and greatest in student technology behaviors!”

“Mr. Klingensmith’s presentation was very valuable to me as a school counselor.”

“I finally have a better understanding of #hashtags!”

“I learned lingo that will assist me in recognizing at risk students.”

“Mr. Klingensmith’s presentation made me more aware of what to listen for when working with my students. Being updated on the social media trends will help me to be more aware of today’s teen culture in all aspects of my classroom.”

“The social media presentation was awesome! Very eye opening and relevant.”

“As an Elementary School Counselor, the knowledge I have gained will help me prepare my current parents to better monitor the activity of their young ones.”

“I believe having the knowledge of what social media/ social networking sites the students are currently using will help me to establish a better rapport with the students and their families. It is my intention to provide the students with information on what to do if they witness “concerning” blogs, posts, or statements on these social networking/social media sites.”

“The information regarding current apps and what students are using them for is of great value. Social media is extremely relevant when working with students in middle school.”

“I deal often with student conflicts that arise due to use of apps. I gained greater knowledge of how students are using these to communicate in both appropriate and inappropriate ways.”

“I learned more in this workshop than I have in the last 4 that I have been to. I love when workshops provide information regarding the new culture of our students. As adults, the older we get the further removed we get from the students we are working with.”

“Mr. Klingensmith’s presentation was excellent. I gained a great deal of professional knowledge from his presentation. The material he shared will aid me in the ability to help my students.”

“As a guidance counselor, we deal daily with issues that evolve from social media. I will now be better able to advise students as to more secure use.”