Shaping Your Wisdom: Services

Shape the Sky has developed a series of supplemental training videos, virtual trainings, services, and curriculum to help you Create Responsible Kids on Smartphones/Devices. These resources will expand on the knowledge already offered in  our free online resources. Below, you will find content to help guide you as a parent or professional in the world of digital youth.

  • Online CEU Training
  • Licensed Counselor Certification (ISAT-C)
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Parent Training
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Professional Training
  • Teacher Training
  • Community Training

Curriculum: Shape The Sky developed 9 lesson guides based upon presentations offered for youth. The lesson guides contained within this supplemental resources are designed to be used with students in Middle School years. They are meant to be a resource for teachers and/or counselors who are delivering instruction regarding smart and appropriate use of technology.



Do you need some 1:1 assistance understanding social media and technology? Unsure what apps your child is using and how they are using them? Would you like to individually discuss ways to structure your families use of technology and social media? Ryan is able to schedule individual consulting services via phone or Zoom to help you with your technology needs.

The Shaping Your Wisdom Training Series was created to expand upon topics important to being an adult in the world of digital youth. These videos will help you understand how youth are affected by technology and call-to-action steps. Each training is between 30 and 45 minutes long totaling over 7 hours of training.