Shape the Sky Resources

Shape the Sky’s mission is simple: Create Responsible Kids on Smartphones. The term smartphones can be expanded to tablets, gaming systems, computers, smart TVs, and even Smart Watches. However, there is more to growing up than digital technologies; there are several more factors in life that create responsible kids. Every experience that an individual encounters from birth through early adulthood play a role in shaping their life. Shape the Sky believes that it takes a community of invested individuals to act as role models as they help teach, guide, and create healthy environments for our youth.

With a mental health counseling background, my goal is to provide the resources needed to raise emotionally healthy youth in the digital age. Something I hear often when training adults is, “I’m so glad I grew up before the internet.” Yes, we were young and full of mistakes too. Most likely, our mistakes stayed in the past.  Our children do not have the option to have their mistakes hidden by faded memories. What they record, post, and share is a lasting digital record of fun times, success, struggles, and mistakes.

We cannot raise our children the way our parents raised us; that world no longer exists. This generation of parents, teachers, and adult role models will forever be known as the first generation to raise digital children. Adults often parent their children based upon how they were parented. In other words, what worked for our parents with us should work for us as parents with our kids.  However, the current generation of parents have no foundation to use as a reference point for raising digital youth. Parents today are starting from scratch and building a foundation from which their children will eventually parent their digital youth. This is an awesome and scary time in history for parents. The challenge to “get it right” is a large and daunting one.

Part of Shape The Sky’s responsibility is to provide parents, educators, law enforcement, and other influences in a young person’s life with the tools needed in the digital generation. The resources on this page were prepared for the digital parent in order to give them the tools they need to “get it right.” Many of these resources will help combine old world challenges like bullying with a digital world twist – cyberbullying. Please use these resources to help guide you in the unique world that our children are growing up in – the digital world.