April 2015. Observer Reporter. “Program Planned to Teach Parents How to Access Social Media.”

This is a great write-up that outlines one of the training programs, “Social Media and Youth Technology – Trends for Parents,” that Shape the Sky offers.

~ Ryan

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Ryan Speaks With Haley Potter of Erie News Now

“Sometimes the triggers for mental health issues are at home and sometimes when kids go to school, they have a healthy break from it,” Ryan Klingensmith, a licensed Counselor and Founder of Shape the Sky says.

Expert Warns Parents About Keeping Kids Safe Online

GREENBURG, PA. (WPXI News) – “Ryan Klingensmith, a licensed professional counselor, founded Shape the Sky. It’s essentially a one-stop shop for parents. He told Channel 11 parents should know how these apps function, but he said what is most important is knowing your child’s behavior. One way to do that? Follow your child on Snapchat.”