One of my roles is working with youth in local schools. I check in with the at-risk students and try to encourage, support, and guide them. Many topics are brought up in the office. Tests, homework, peer conflict, alcohol, drugs, vaping, mental health struggles, and dating issues. More often than not I’m working with youth trying to outline what healthy relationships are built upon.  I have many talks with youth about red-flag behaviors related to unhealthy relationships. It can be difficult to see abusive behaviors once you are in an unhealthy relationship. It can be even more difficult to leave an abusive relationship.

I also help to identify unhealthy digital relationships. We must have discussions about how youth “date” through electronics. Recently, I posted a blog about kids asking for nudes from their partner. I’m sure adults have many conversations about not sending nude pictures, but are we talking to kids about not requesting nudes from others? Conversations around digital dating are important.  After all, our kids are digitally dating.

I rely on resources to help kids identify controlling or unhealthy behaviors.  I wanted to share with you three great resources: Love is Respect, Very Well Mind, and DemiBrae.

I hope these resources are helpful in Creating Responsible Relationships on Smartphones

~ Ryan

Healthy Relationship Resources

Love is Respect has many resources to use with individuals in unhealthy relationships. There is a great quiz on the website that can “score” their current relationship to see if there are any unhealthy warning signs.

Very Well Mind has a really informative article on digital dating. There are some excellent examples of digital dating abuse you can review with youth. There is also a section on how to stay digitally safe.

DemiBrae has some good red flags listed that I have used many times as a starting point for identifying unhealthy relationships. After hearing Demi’s story and after reviewing this list with them, I’ve had several kids leave abusive relationships.