January 2020. WPXI News. “Man accused of raping 2 girls he met on Snapchat arrested.”

I was interviewed by Michelle Newell from WPXI Pittsburgh about keeping kids safe online after state police arrested a man who stands accused of raping two girls he met on Snapchat. The full article can be read here.

The report mentions Shape the Sky resources that adults can use to learn more about popular apps. That app guide can be found here.

To read more of my thoughts on this topic, check out the blog.

~ Ryan

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“Sometimes the triggers for mental health issues are at home and sometimes when kids go to school, they have a healthy break from it,” Ryan Klingensmith, a licensed Counselor and Founder of Shape the Sky says.

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GREENBURG, PA. (WPXI News) – “Ryan Klingensmith, a licensed professional counselor, founded Shape the Sky. It’s essentially a one-stop shop for parents. He told Channel 11 parents should know how these apps function, but he said what is most important is knowing your child’s behavior. One way to do that? Follow your child on Snapchat.”