Working in a middle school, I often speak to youth who report being “bullied.” The school counselors spend time looking at the scenario and helping youth understand the difference between being rude, mean, and bullying. Not every unkind thing said by a youth is bullying. I found an article on Psychology Today that gives a detailed explanation of the similarities and differences between the three behaviors.

When bullying is happening, we need to help our youth. There are so many articles and resources on the web related to bullying and cyberbullying, it’s easy to get lost. I wanted to provide you with some excellent resources to deal with verified bullying/cyberbullying issues. has a nice outline of the definition of bullying as well as who is at risk, signs of bullying, effects of bullying, and bullying with LGBTQ and special needs youth. There are also prevention and resources pages.

The Cyberbullying Research Center is my go-to for all things cyberbullying and beyond. Dr. Justin Patchin and Dr. Sameer Hinduja are university researchers and use their data to give excellent statistics and steps to handle cyberbullying. They have research-based resources for educators, parents, teens, and adult victims.  If you need to know how to report abuse on various apps, they have generated an ongoing list of where to report abuse. Search the particular app, gaming network you are dealing with and there will be links to where you can report the abuse. They also are an excellent reference when I am combating hoaxes like the Momo Challenge and the Blue Whale Challenge.

The Trevor Project is an excellent support website for LGBTQ youth struggling with bullying. The statistics for bullying and suicide of LGBTQ youth are higher than non-LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Project has many resources such as the TrevorLifeLine, TrevorChat and TrevorText.  There is an excellent Trevor Support Center with resources for coming out, families, and healthy relationships.

I hope this helps your hunt for resources related to cyberbullying and bullying.