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If you haven’t watched Cuties, you may be really lost in the conflicting headlines. I decided to watch it and give you a few observations so you can decide if it’s for you. Here are a few points that stuck out to me:

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“Sometimes the triggers for mental health issues are at home and sometimes when kids go to school, they have a healthy break from it,” Ryan Klingensmith, a licensed Counselor and Founder of Shape the Sky says.

I’ve seen this video several times…and I’ll continue to watch it to keep my mind fresh when talking with struggling youth. It’s a very powerful 3 minute reminder on human connection.

Unlike when I grew up, our kids are digitally dating. I’ve worked with students that have met someone IRL (in real life), that person moved to a different city, and then they continued their relationship digitally. I’ve talked to youth who have met their partner online and have never met in person. There are also youth who date in person, but stay connected (and date) through digital devices.

Since 2012, I’ve been doing trainings trying to help adults understand the world of youth, technology, social media, and mental health. When I first started doing my trainings, I was targeting the parents of high school aged kiddos. Now I’m trying to get elementary parents to my trainings. As youth get technology younger and younger, they can see and misunderstand healthy and unhealthy mental health.

I’m very excited to see this initiative in PA. Hopefully we will see some action towards prevention and treatment for mental health in PA. Hopefully other states will follow this lead.