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When Am I Done Monitoring?

Here is a great question from a Facebook Page Follower: “I have come across a difference of opinion with my parent peers and wondered your thoughts. At what age do you recommend that you stop monitoring your child’s phone/electronics?

Safe2Say Results

I was recently interviewed by Elizabeth Hardison for the article, “Pennsylvania set up a tip line for school threats. Instead, students overwhelmingly called with mental health concerns.” When I was asked if I was surprised by the high level of mental health concerns being reported by students, I said I was not.

Evolution of Technology

When smartphones were first introduced, they were marketed to adults as a revolutionary change in the concept of a phone. Check out the first iPhone commercial for a reminder of how it was marketed.

New Resource: Multimedia

Standing in front of an audience was never a career goal for me. I had no intention to do public speaking. My last year of college, I took a mandatory public speaking course over the summer when I knew there would be only a few students in my class. So, when I was first asked to do an assembly for middle school students, I was petrified. I instantly put them to sleep.

New Resource: Youth Spotlight

I enjoy watching young people grow up and find their path; it’s wonderful seeing all of the good things that they accomplish. I’ve always liked recognizing youth that are trying to make the world a better place by their actions.